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Corsa Exhaust Performance is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Berea, Ohio, that specializes in high performance stainless steel exhaust systems for the marine and automotive aftermarket. Corsa's founder and president, Jim Browning, spent more than 17 years working for high performance automotive industry giant Mr. Gasket in various capacities, including vice president of research and development, before starting Corsa Performance in 1989. Since that time Corsa has become a leader in performance marine exhaust systems, supplying more than 60 OEM boat manufacturers and more than 1,000 boat dealers worldwide. Corsa manufacturers a wide range of products, including diverter valves, muffler systems, exhaust tips and silencers that are designed and tested to meet noise restrictions in all states.
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  • Leading Edge Manufacturing Corsa has incorporated the use of hydroforming (or bulge forming) equipment in its manufacturing process. Bulge forming is a revolutionary, leading edge manufacturing process that uses extreme fluid pressure to expand metal into shapes that otherwise would have been unobtainable using conventional manufacturing methods. In fact, Corsa is the only manufacturer in the marine industry and automotive aftermarket to have in-house hydroforming capabilities. A good example of what can be accomplished with hydroforming is the new generation C5 Corvette steel frame rails. Hyrdoforming provides increased strength, greater part dimensional precision, and reduces over-all vehicle weight. Automotive Aftermarket Innovation Corsa has recently turned its attention to the high performance automotive market. Focusing on the application of new technology, Corsa is now employing reactive sound cancellation technology in its new line of performance automotive mufflers. While many manufacturers have experimented with electronic noise cancellation for automobiles, Corsa has successfully achieved Reflective Sound-Cancellation (RSC)-a non-electrical noise control system without the complication of incorporating the use of electronics or speakers. Essentially, engine sound (pressure) waves are reflected in passages inside the muffler to cancel out unwanted sound waves. The result is a tuned muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle. Corsa's stainless steel Power-Pulse? mufflers are tuned to each vehicle to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and to produce just the right sound. By virtue of Corsa's Power-Pulse? design, packing materials that can deteriorate over time are not needed to reduce noise, providing a totally un-restricted exhaust flow for maximum power output. The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer and AutoAnything cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

    Patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) Technology CORSA uses its patented Reflective Sound Cancellation™ (RSC™) technology to eliminate low frequency resonance while minimizing backpressure so you do not damage your new off road F150 bumper. Sound waves are reflected within the muffler case, producing a cancellation wave effect-with no flow restriction and without electronic devices. The RSC™ design features a pipe running straight through the muffler, incorporating a full 360-degree air gap and allowing sound pressure waves to escape. The waves are channeled and then returned to the gap 180-degrees out-of-phase, canceling specific sound frequencies. All that remains is the clean, crisp sound of performance. (The actual frequency/frequencies and amplitude where drone occurs will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the overall principles are the same as our example here.) The next thing to look at on the graph is the green graphic line [B] which illustrates the effective attenuation and amplitude range of another type of muffler design referred to as the tank volume or chamber design. As you can see, 'tank' style mufflers often cover some of the frequency range where drone can occur, but they usually fall short of being able to handle the amplitude (power level) of the frequency or sound wave at its peak, so drone still occurs. Lastly, the purple line [C] depicts the effective attenuation range of CORSA's patented RSC™ technology. Although narrower in frequency coverage than a tank volume type muffler, the capability of the RSC™ design to handle high amplitude, low frequency sound waves is unmatched. The higher maximum 'peak amplitude' coverage of the targeted RSC™ muffler, allows complete attenuation of the highest amplitude, drone producing, frequency shown on the graph (the peak frequency amplitude is covered by the attenuation curve), so the drone is eliminated. Since the RSC™ technology is more focused in target, we also don't interfere or distort the rest of the sound profile, so the remaining frequencies remain crisp and clear; that's part of what delivers CORSA's distinctive performance sound. What's better, is that CORSA often utilizes a combination of different exhaust technologies/designs in one exhaust system to produce the optimum combination of low, mid and high frequency control so we can deliver just the right sound. And our high flow, non-restrictive design delivers the optimum in performance gain too. UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS, WE DELIVER: NO DRONE/RESONANCE Due to patented RSC™ noise cancellation technology, your interior is whisper quiet at highway speeds. GREAT PERFORMANCE SOUND We tune in good sounds to cancel out the bad sounds without the use of baffles or interior steel wool packing materials. INCREASED HORSEPOWER & TORQUE Due to straight-through design, the result is increased flow and less back pressure. INCREASED FUEL ECONOMY Less back pressure and more power means your engine performs more efficiently. Features * Corsa Exhausts are founded on a combination no other exhaust can deliver: total resonance cancellation, exhilarating horsepower gains, true performance sound and improved fuel economy * Cancels unwanted "droning" interior resonance at cruising speeds, thanks to Corsa's patented aerospace-grade Power-Pulse RSCT muffler technology * Corsa Exhausts deliver hefty horsepower gains thanks to muffler chambers with no restrictions or power-robbing packing material * Specialized channels in a Corsa Exhaust muffler use reflective technology to cancel "bad" resonance sound while letting the sweet tone of V8 power flow through * Corsa Exhausts are mandrel-bent for restriction-free flow, reducing backpressure and upping gas mileage * Crafted from 100% stainless steel tubing for corrosion resistance and unbeatable quality (T304, 304L or military-grade 321L) * Thorough testing and design ensures each Corsa Exhaust is a pure custom system (select your vehicle above for specifics about your kit) * Corsa Exhausts are designed to install at home with common tools; hardware and detailed instructions included * Custom exhaust tips and even performance X-pipes available for many Corsa Exhausts * Crafted with pride in the USA * 50-state street legal for smog * Your Corsa Exhaust is covered by a Lifetime Warranty Description A performance exhaust with a Corvette performance upbringing is noteworthy enough. But the true feature that makes a Corsa Exhaust stand out: patented Power-Pulse RSCT technology that eliminates annoying interior resonance. In short: awesome sound at full throttle, and whisper-quiet cruising-no matter what you drive. Corsa Exhaust makes full throttle an experience, too. Not only do you get full V8 tone off the line, you get the thrusting horsepower and torque to match. And, adding a Corsa Exhaust can even chip in to help your gas mileage. Power, sound and mileage without the resonance-only a Corsa Exhaust can deliver this performance package. On top of Corsa's revolutionary performance, each Corsa Exhaust is packed with quality. That's because all pipes are mandrel bent from 100% stainless steel and custom designed for an easy fit. And, Corsa stands behind your Corsa Exhaust with a Lifetime Warranty. Notes * Corsa Exhausts are available in two system styles for select vehicles: Sport or Touring. Sport Systems are the most aggressive under acceleration, while Touring Systems sound powerful tone with less volume. Both are quiet when cruising.
    Created specifically for Chevy/GMC trucks and their owners • Rugged growl at an aggressive value • Straight-through design for maximum performance • No annoying interior resonance • XL 12-inch polished stainless steel tip • Easy bolt-on installation, no welding or cutting needed Hardware and detailed installation instructions • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA • 10-year Limited Warranty
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